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A game can be down for several reasons
1. Not the right Flash Version installed: UPDATE FLASH
2. Not the right Shockwave Version installed: UPDATE SHOCKWAVE
3. The game has loaded, but still down: push the REPLAY-button
4. The game could be dead: push the REPORT DEAD GAME-button
5. Some games are big and need time to load. GIVE IT TIME.
6. The game is not implemented correctly, e-mail the webmaster.
7. Our site has technical problems, e-mail the webmaster.

E-mail us for other problems, questions, banners or other things:
All games on this website are external linked games. These games can be found openly on the web and it is allowed to link/use these games on game-sites like this one. We cannot hold responsible for any of the images, sounds, music or text shown in these games. We are not the owner of these games, but linked them for your pleasure and game-time. However, the rest of this website is owned by "" or "" and therefore it is forbidden to copy anything else of this website. We hope you enjoy our game-website. ? - All Rights Reserved.

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